It’s all the vogue today to trash white women to belittle the #MeToo movement. One particularly deranged commentator even said ‘White women are out here trying to turn bad dates into “MeToo money’–as if Black, Latino, oppressed caste, disabled, militarily occupied, & ethnically cleansed women did not endure the extremes of sexual violence. It’s a profoundly ignorant, hateful way of trying to divide women. White women, they claim, are all terfs, swerfs, racists, supremacists, elitists, but mostly rich & privileged cry babies. Not the ones I’ve organized & marched with since the 1960s–many of whom in the US are Black & Latino, by the way.

Let me stick it to you bluntly, buckos: all women, whatever their state in life, are affected by the pernicious hatred, denigration, & violence against our gender & against children. Feminists are committed to uniting to defend women & children on those issues where our demands are in accord, allowing no social hatred to come between us–& I assure you, we know how to fight that out. On those things which divide women, like class, caste, ethnic or national privilege, rightwing politics, we will not hesitate to go our separate ways. But on the issue of violence of any kind against women & children we work tirelessly to stand united & none of your smears & vituperations will stop us. Move over busters. Women are on the march.