The US is hardly on the threshold of fascism since Trump is only in office thanks to the largesse of the Electoral College & the ruling elite that controls it. There is no mass popular fascist movement to sustain him & in fact the massive mobilizations of the past year which have involved hundreds of thousands just in the US have been against Trump’s policies. But we can watch how fascism develops as the leadership of organized labor sit on their asses & do nothing while working people come under sustained attack. The most consistent activists to defend Obamacare & oppose the tax reform benefitting billionaires & corporations have been disabled people–as they also played a role in the Arab uprisings & anti-austerity protests in Europe. The working poor, children, disabled, elderly will be the most immediately affected by these attacks but in the long-run they’re going for the jugular of all working people. It’s time for organized labor to get off its knees, dump the old hacks, & forge a new leadership that will fight for all.