Since “Western feminism” is the target of so much criticism, let me just say that it is not just white rich women & it never was. Feminism in Europe & North America from its inception included Black & Latino women, working women, & because of immigration, women of many nationalities who brought their own traditions of feminism with them. Islam alone has a long, rich tradition of feminism & substantial histories that document that. Muslims (& all other religious traditions) are part of “Western feminism.” So when you portray “Western feminism” as a movement of white socialites & debutantes, SWERFs & TERFs, xenophobes & racists, all caught up in “commodities & sex”, you merely join the chorus of misogynists attempting to destroy feminism by dividing women.

There are all sorts of goofy currents in feminism–as there are in any social movement. But what defines & unites all feminism is a commitment to stand together to end the systematic oppression & violence against women. The Women’s March of January 2017, where up to four million women marched on every continent, is a sign of that international solidarity.