This is a protest today in Kashmir against the fatal shooting last night of 22-year-old Asif Iqbal. He was a sumo/taxi driver shot within a few feet of his family home as he was leaving to transport someone to the hospital. The occupying army who shot him were engaged in one of their late night hunt to kill operations. Military officials called this young man’s death “very unfortunate & regrettable,” claimed it was a case of “mistaken identity,” & of course portrayed a different version of events from Iqbal’s family & neighbors so that young Iqbal was somehow responsible for his own death. India blocked internet services in the district so that the brutalities of their occupation cannot be exposed.

This protest is in the district where Iqbal was killed. Thousands of mourners also attended his funeral prayers today. May he Rest In Peace.

End the occupation. Self-determination for Kashmir.