Is Slavoj Zizek all washed up yet?

Slavoj Zizek is simply must reading on the politics of toilets but when he finally made his racism & xenophobia coherent in his vituperations against refugees he was all washed up as the rock star of socialism. Or so we hoped. Those of us who always thought he was a two-bit huckster like him best as farce & not at all as a theoretician where he should be an embarrassment since he is a cornucopia of idiocies.

His latest contribution to thought published in the Independent is titled “Alt-right Trump supporters & left-wing Bernie Sanders fans should join together to defeat capitalism.” He may be tapping into something here since there is an affinity between some of these forces on Syria & the denial of the Bosniak & Rohingya genocides. But the article mostly elaborates Zizek’s own affinity with the extreme right. He’s not so much Elvis as a reject from The Gong Show.