This morning a Burmese nationalist made a brief foray on to my wall sputtering & drooling about “Bengalis.” I bounced her but a toxic miasma still remains so I’m looking for the services of an exorcist.

She blithered the classic rants of xenophobes & racists about Rohingya women having large families–“up to 15 children” she slobbered indignantly. I’m a feminist & believe in reproductive freedom for women; I also believe in religious freedom. As the 4th of 19 children in a Catholic family, I’ve spent my life defending my mother’s religious choices against the foulest insults to her intelligence. I have no idea how many kids most Rohingya women have. It’s not my business & I’m certain they don’t need anyone’s advice. My only concern is that the Rohingya & all their kids, however many there are, are defended against vilification & genocide.