Charlie Rose just bit the dust for sexual misconduct with several women. He was a CBS morning news anchor, the host of a celebrity interview show & one of the most sycophantic creeps on TV but privately a sexual predator.

It’s become acceptable in misogynist & misanthropic circles to ridicule the Women’s March where an estimated 5 million women on every continent marched January 21st, 2017. The contemptuous charge is that it was nothing but liberals. The violence against women is so ubiquitous & horrific–from the home to the street to the workplace to war, occupation & genocide–that the fact that women & men are internationally standing together against it is a political development of monumental importance. Those who care about women’s rights don’t give a damn whether those they march with are liberals, conservatives, or anything else. Let those who ridicule the #MeToo movement & the Women’s March with snide put-downs about “pussy hats” take their place in the anals (no, that is not a misspelling) of history