Last Saturday, two US Border Patrol agents were on night duty investigating on foot along a section of the US-Mexico border which is mountainous terrain. One of the men (Rogelio Martinez) ended up dead & the other seriously injured from head injuries & broken bones. The local sheriff investigating the incident said “the evidence is not obvious” about what happened & believes the agents might have fallen in hazardous terrain down a 14-foot culvert.

CBS national news reported that the Border Patrol union (which endorsed Trump for president) believes the agent was killed & the other injured by undocumented immigrants throwing rocks. Texas governor Greg Abbott & Senator Ted Cruz (two of the biggest nimrods in US politics) denounced the attacks & Abbott announced a $20,000 reward for information leading to the arrest & conviction of whoever killed Martinez & wounded his partner. (There’s a mountain in Texas just waiting to be apprehended & charged with murder.) Trump denounced the assault & murder & used the incident to push for the border wall. (There’s a federal penitentiary in Texas just waiting to put him on a chain gang.)

The least likely possibility is that undocumented immigrants attacked the agents with stones or fists. The most likely is exactly what the local sheriff investigating the scene reported: that it was a tragic accident. May the agent Rest In Peace.