Remember not that long ago when so many of us said we loved, not just liked, but loved “Legally Blonde” with Reese Witherspoon? Probably because the movie was so affirmative about women, working class & middle class, Black & white. There wasn’t a single woman character portrayed in a mean or hostile way. That’s the Reese we respect & stand with in her charges against the movie industry for sexual assault on her as a teenage actress. Though to be honest, we would stand with these women even if we deplored the roles they played or the politics they hold. We don’t have to agree with anything about them except that no one has the right to sexually harass, assault, or rape them. Period. On that issue we do not budge an inch. We don’t make apologies for standing with rich & famous women against assault. We would be shamed if we did not–& we will look to them as allies in building a movement addressing sexual crimes against women in war, occupation, & genocide.