The Burmese tourism industry (controlled by the military) is concerned that (as they see it) ARSA has caused a drop in visitors to the country. Unlike the generals, Suu Kyi, Buddhist monks, Catholic Church in Burma, & the authors attending the Irrawaddy Literary Festival, some people are actually horrified by genocide. The remarkable thing is that nearly 3 million people spent vacations in Burma last year when the junta was also involved in a genocidal offensive. Nearly 2.3 million have already toured there this year.

You see the same kind of tourism reports about Kashmir under occupation or about leisure cruising in the Mediterranean where thousands of refugees are drowning. The same kind of people who go on vacation in war, occupation, & genocide zones or cruise by people drowning are the ones who go on slum tours to stare at the poor people. It’s a pathology called racism. Or maybe it’s just indifference to human life.