Can someone explain this editorial thing where journals publish rightwing rubbish & end with a disclaimer “The views expressed in this article reflect solely those of the author & not necessarily the views of the editors”? Al Araby published an ignorant, vicious attack on BDS & the designation of Israel as apartheid by Sam Hamad & ended with such a disclaimer. Like that made it all better? Have they no journalistic integrity or commitments? The American Herald Tribune publishes nothing but Assad propaganda on Syria so doesn’t bother with the disclaimer anymore. It’s gone over to the dark side. When it publishes crap by fascist Gearoid O Colmain supporting the Burmese junta & vilifying the Rohingya, it adds on the disclaimer. Like that makes it all better?

What about journalism having some commitments & what about sticking to them? Rightwingers, fascists, Zionists have plenty of platforms. There is no playing both sides of the street when it comes to war, occupation, genocide. The disclaimers are nothing but a cover for cowardice & compromise.