16th Street Baptist Church bombing in Birmingham, Alabama September 1963, that killed 4 little girls

Birmingham 4 girls Sept 1963

These are the four little girls killed in the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing on September 15, 1963 in Birmingham, Alabama. From left to right, they are: Carole Robertson (14 years), Cynthia Wesley (14), Denise McNair (11), Addie Mae Collins (14). Several sticks of dynamite attached to a timing device were planted underneath the church steps. The girls were killed because they stopped to use the bathroom before entering services.

The bombing was an act of white supremacist terrorism carried out by four segregationists & KKK members. The FBI knew as early as 1965 who the perpetrators were & relayed their investigation to J. Edgar Hoover, the unsavory creep who headed the FBI. He refused to file charges & sealed the files so no action could be taken against the four bombers until 1977, five years after Hoover croaked–14 years after the crime.

One of the reasons Hoover was averse to prosecuting the bombers, other than his loathsome character & repugnant racism, was that Gary Thomas Rowe, a paid informant & agent provocateur for the FBI, was likely involved in the bombing–as he was in several other crimes & murders of civil rights activists for which the FBI gave him immunity & entered him in the Witness Protection Program.

Three of the bombers were given life sentences; one was never prosecuted. Three have croaked–good riddance. One is still locked up. J. Edgar Hoover & Gary Thomas Rowe got away scot-free. May they burn in hell.

A tribute to these little girls who are icons of the yet unfinished civil rights struggle in the US. May they Rest In Peace.