After they became proficient at jumping the fence, it was apparent that the two Rhodesian Ridgebacks & the two bambinos who are part Pit Bull are beyond my rescue skills. The babies need to be trained not just in where to poop but in not gnawing off my body parts in shows of affection & I don’t know how to do that. They also need a yard that’s secure against escaping. Someone I know from animal rescue referred me to Yaqui Ranch Animal Rescue in a town not that far from here.

Yaqui said they were at capacity but would do everything they could to help me find loving homes for the four of them as well as for Sophie the Schnauzer smart enough to go to college & her sidekick Franky, the three-legged Chihuahua. They came by today to give the bambinos their second round of vaccinations, brought two months of dog food, took pictures of the six who they’ll be trying to get adopted, & asked only that I consider fostering for them when they need help. If you ever feel there’s no hope for the human race, volunteer at an animal shelter like Yaqui or notice the rescuers in Houston going out of their way to rescue people & pets. It makes your heart sing.