Watching these violent racists on the rampage in Charlottesville & Seattle is chilling, even terrifying, but it is not unique in US history. The Black community is more than familiar for generations with such vigilante & state violence.

Al Sharpton, the media spokesperson for Blacks since he’s so damn compromising, said he “would think twice before going out to one of these rallies” because of the racist violence. This isn’t the first time Sharpton has been dead wrong. The only way to defeat the white supremacy unleashed by the Trump presidency is to out-mobilize their ugly asses. They use violence because they are a minority. We use massive numbers because we are a majority & we don’t care if those who march with us against racist violence are liberals, Democrats, Republicans, apolitical do-gooders, or Wahabi Muslims. Whoever they are willing to stand against racism, we will march with them. Nobody checks credentials in social movements of such political consequence.

As a postscript, it wasn’t long ago that many in the Palestinian solidarity movement had to be sharply criticized for circulating the anti-Israel videos of KKK leader & white supremacist David Duke who was leading the rampage in Charlottesville. Many younger people honestly didn’t know who Duke was & were confused; others knew exactly who he was & shared his anti-Semitism which he strutted out as anti-Zionism. As long as he’s a hater of Blacks, Latinos, & Jews we don’t give a rat’s ass about his feigned support for Palestinians–which is only a way for him to hate on Jewish people; we don’t go near his ugly ass with a ten-foot pole. He’s now also–of course–an ardent supporter of Bashar Assad’s dictatorship in Syria. You lay down with dirty dogs you get up with fleas. You march with the devil, you’re headed straight to hell.