Unelected president Mahmoud Abbas stopped sniveling & groveling long enough to declare the Palestinian Authority (PA) will “freeze contact on all levels” with Israel until metal detectors are removed from entrances to Al Aqsa compound. Bully for him, but the majority of Palestinians have been calling for an end to his groveling & collusion with Israel for a long time.

Talking tough for effect, he did not clarify whether the PA security force would stop collaborating with Israeli security & undercover intelligence units against Palestinians in the occupied territories. Such collaboration to crush Intifada, support the occupation, & facilitate expropriations under the Oslo Accords is the primary purpose for the existence of the PA.

He can huff & he can puff but as long as the PA colludes with the occupation, he is nothing more than a windbag, all sound & fury signifying betrayal.

End the occupation. Self-determination for Palestine. #HandsOffAlAqsa