The miscarriage of justice in the Philando Castile case

Why weren’t both police webcams in the killing of Philando Castile presented to jurors? Isn’t that withholding evidence & a miscarriage of justice? The dashboard webcam, which was introduced among 100 pieces of evidence, clearly shows the officer lost control & started pumping bullets into Castile without any provocation whatsoever & with a child in the back seat. One of the bullets came within 16 inches of the child.

The second police webcam is Castile’s girlfriend Diamond Reynolds, who just saw her boyfriend shot to death in front of her child, handcuffed (for what?) in the back of a squad car. Her 4-year-old girl is pleading with her not to curse or the police will shoot her too & Reynolds clearly lays out exactly what happened. This was not shown to jurors.

Most of the jurors were middle-aged whites. There were two Black jurors, including a young fast food worker & an 18-year-old Ethiopian immigrant. It’s not uncommon that immigrants of African ancestry do not identify with Black Americans because they believe the racist propaganda against them & want to distinguish themselves as different.

Either the prosecution failed Philando Castile or the jurors were contaminated with racism because the police dashboard webcam leaves no confusion about criminal culpability.