Monitoring people on social media isn’t my job but I run across many friends on other people’s walls. It used to be that I would see Palestinian solidarity supporters liking up rubbish about Rothschild bankers & the Illuminati. Hate combined with stupidity is a hell of a cognitive disorder to overcome so they were all deep-sixed.

Now I’m seeing friends liking up Assadist rubbish about Syrian gassing of civilians being a fake news thing. Could be mindless liking, could be a learning curve issue, could be confusion, could be agreement. It’s also not my job to interrogate people about their beliefs. But my tolerance for that kind of confusion has flown the coop.

Lots of people don’t bounce over things like that. I have a waiting list of Kashmiri & Rohingya activists I want to engage with so what’s the point of holding on to confusionists when I can learn something?