The gassing of civilians & the shameful attempts to portray it as fake news take their toll on us, especially in the absence of international solidarity with Syrians. You get intolerant in periods like this & don’t want to put up with equivocations, crazy-pants stuff, misanthropy, or passive-aggression. My posts get more sarcastic with those who concede ground to Assadism. Sorry about that.

We could avoid the conflict instead of wading into it, but if you’re a movement builder duking it out is part of the process. Posting kitty pictures isn’t my schtick. I do know that as unpleasant as political conflict is, it is also one of the best ways to unravel the complexities of political situations. That’s the premise of debate.

I’ve known people who don’t have the stomach for dispute, back off & roll their eyes at those who brave it. You’ll find in the long run that the issues & complexities went right over their heads. They never learned a thing. The tragic ending of the story is that some of them are in the Hands Off Syria Coalition today. See what I mean?

It used to take me weeks to recover from disputes. Now it’s just several miles around the town on a lovely day. But sorry if you catch me before the walks & if my tongue is sometimes too acerbic. Of course if you don’t dally with Assad, you’ll never find it directed your way. So that’s that. Heart emoticon