Is anybody else’s head exploding at the thought of President Trump? Millions voted for him after all the hateful, racist, misogynist things he said while she at least played the populist schtick.

Trump is so grotesque that Clinton & probably most of us thought she was a shoe-in. Who could ever imagine this was the state of American politics?

But not to despair. We can check statistics tomorrow but normally the overwhelming number of eligible voters don’t bother to even register. The majority traditionally vote “No, on all of the above.”

The president does not determine US policy. If Trump wins, his learning curve on that will be fast-tracked & he will be taught to walk the walk & talk the talk of a president. His election may be proof more than anything else that US elections are indeed rigged.

I won’t be disappointed regardless of who wins. I never invest an ounce of expectations in the US presidency since all of my life has been in opposition to their policies & wars. That won’t change.