How does CBS “60 Minutes” think they can be even remotely credible having Lara Logan do war reporting from Mosul, Iraq? She is openly phobic about Muslims, has publicly war-mongered against Afghanistan. Pakistan, & Libya, & in general has discredited herself as a reporter. In 2013 she was even forced to take a leave of absence for false reporting about Libya.

In a notorious 2012 war-mongering speech, she ranted about the Taliban & al Qaeda exactly as pro-Assad supporters do about “throat-cutting jihadists,” claiming they “want to destroy the West” & called for the US military to amp up the wars against them–or as one audience member characterized her speech: “Shoot ’em, bomb ’em, fuck ’em. They will kill your children.”

On the “60 Minutes” segment tonight, Logan & the CBS crew, embedded with Iraqi special forces on the outskirts of Mosul, were attacked by an ISIS suicide bomber & shot at by ISIS forces. Maybe. Maybe not. The war in Iraq is not all about Lara Logan or her fearless grandstanding against terrorists. Unfortunately, her reporting lends credence to conspiracy theories & does nothing to explain what ISIS or the war against them is all about. CBS should can her.