Made a bad decision yesterday & let my Schnauzer Sophie & three-legged Chihuahua Franky be adopted by a guy who turned out to be less than straightforward about his history with dogs. As soon as I drove away after dropping them off, I knew it was all wrong & had to be undone. Enough of being outsmarted by a Schnauzer but no one rescues dogs to put them back in harm’s way.

Still scheming how to get them back a couple hours later, I drove past the fellow’s house & saw Franky running in the unfenced yard on a busy intersection with no supervision. Franky lost his leg getting hit by a car & loves to run away as Sophie’s sidekick. The kid’s had enough trouble for one lifetime & doesn’t need more.

All thoughts of diplomacy vanished. I piled Franky in the car, marched up to the door, feigned a little pathos about missing my dogs & said I wanted them back. The guy said he didn’t even know Franky was outside.

You can say I’m anthropomorphizing, but believe me, they were as happy to come home as I was to take them.