One of the ugliest features of a detestable election campaign has been the intemperate language & personal venom directed at Clinton. She is, without question, personally & politically corrupt. Can anyone think of a US president who wasn’t? Not in my lifetime & not from what I read in history.

I have no soft spot for her because she’s a woman. I reject everything she stands for. I don’t believe a word she says. But I can’t relate to the hating on her that passes for politics. People have to get over that & start being temperate in their attitude toward her because the likelihood is she will be the next president. Do you really want to go through the next four years in a state of white heat?

You may think me compromised with her corruption but I also didn’t feel personal hatred for Reagan, Nixon, Bill Clinton, or Bush. Who wants to operate apoplectic all the time? They are what they are– political leaders in the barbaric phase of capitalism–so you aren’t going to get much. You might as well take your distemper down a notch or two. It’ll do wonders for your longevity & mental health. Hate is bad for the system unless you save it for the things that matter. Go to town on hating war, racism, misogyny, inequality, injustice, violence. Politicians aren’t worth it.