Zero Hedge blog is run by libertarian conspiracy inventers

Articles from Zero Hedge frequently circulate on FB–one hopes because too many people do not carefully vet their sources. It is a disreputable blog with reactionary & conspiratorial politics.

A Zero Hedge article from the FB wall of a presumed progressive is not just conspiratorial but outrageously racist. It is titled “Who Is Behind The Riots? Charlotte Police Says 70% Of Arrested Protesters Had Out Of State IDs” & claims the majority are not civil rights protesters but criminals bussing in to Charlotte. Not outside agitators as is usually claimed, but criminals.

It goes on to explain that billionaire George Soros bankrolls civil rights “riots” beginning in Ferguson with the shooting of Michael Brown in August 2014 & that Black Lives Matter is a communist front movement.

Vilifying, outright lying, & inventing conspiracies is not an uncommon political method & usually involves alternative media, including blogs. Sometimes they put mainstream media to shame. No source of information should ever be trusted without investigation. But for those who circulate this kind of trash, the problem is not lack of vetting but lowlife racism.

(I would post the article but such crap has a way of stinking up the place in a way that’s hard to get rid of.)