Wonder if women of Afghanistan feel all that solidarity coming from US bombs?

Afghan girl (Paula Bronstein) Feb 19 2018

A little Afghan girl who lost her arm, but fortunately not her life, in a land mine explosion. Wonder if she can feel all the solidarity going her way from Democratic Party feminists (including Gloria Steinem) who supported the US-NATO war as a way to emancipate women from Islamic fundamentalism? Wonder if she appreciates all the war-mongering & Islamophobia used to justify bombing, occupation, war crimes? Probably not. That would be an understatement & a condemnation.

Those women around the world who stand with the Afghan people against war must make our voices heard loud & clear: no US-NATO war in Afghanistan. War is a women’s rights issue.

Our fullest solidarity with the men, women, & children of Afghanistan. Out now!

(Photo by Paula Bronstein)