Who cares what Neil Young does or says after his defiance of justice for Palestinians?

Neil Young (EFE)

On Neil Young’s 70th birthday last November, teleSUR paid tribute to the musician who they claimed “has long-fought for social justice & environmental causes.” TeleSUR must have missed his unspeakable flouting of BDS in 2014 when Palestinians & their supporters appealed to him for months to honor the boycott. He steadfastly refused until after the beginning of Israel’s carpet bombing siege in Gaza when the Israeli concert organizers canceled the gig “due to rocket fire on Tel Aviv.” He missed his chance to croak for apartheid.

Now our man–who lives in the US but is Canadian & cannot vote–endorsed Sanders but made news because he allowed Drumpf to use “Rocking in the Free World” in his campaign. Such largesse. But who gives a damn what he does?

(Photo of Young croaking from EFE)