While Palestinians grieve deaths of 52, British politicians chide them to be restrained

Gaza May 14 2018 (Reuters)
While Palestinians are reeling from a massacre by Israeli sharpshooters that killed 52, including children, & injured 2,400, the British prime minister exhorted Palestinians to show “calm & restraint” & the British foreign minister expressed concern that extremist elements in Gaza were exploiting the peaceful protesters. You couldn’t come up with a more detestable response unless you were part of the Trump, Netanyahu, or Modi regimes. Where are the denunciations of Israel for gunning down unarmed protesters? Where the excoriations of Trump for emboldening Israel to such violence? Are Palestinians not human beings? Have they no rights? Is there not a single world leader with the elementary human decency to call a spade a spade & denounce Israeli apartheid & genocide? The answer is, no there is not. We must call rallies & protests around the world, no matter how large or small, to stand with Palestinians against this monstrous act of genocide.

(Photo of Palestinian man today from Reuters)