Vanessa Beeley busted for fake news about White Helmets

Vanessa Beeley, Assad’s own Leni Riefenstahl, might be tanking her career by making up all that fake news about the White Helmet rescue workers. She is so busted.

So many fact-finding missions to Syria, so many interviews, articles, videos detailing their stealing, massacring, head-chopping, lurid associations with terrorist groups, & exorbitant funding by USAID & other European governments.

Now to find out from Fares Shehabi, the Assad official in Aleppo, Eva Bartlett, & Beeley herself reporting from east Aleppo that they never existed in the first place. Accompanied by her Syrian army security, she asked terrified civilians in east Aleppo if they knew about them & she only got quizzical looks in return. Such credulity shouldn’t be let loose in a war zone.

Max Blumenthal has his own explaining to do. But then again he’s probably not getting the big bucks from Assad & won’t have hell to pay for his phony investigative reports & condemnations of the White Helmets. Mostly he plagiarized from Beeley anyway.

PS: We hope the White Helmets are safe, wherever they are. Unlike Beeley, we presume they had the good sense to remove their helmets before the Syrian army arrived.