Vanessa Beeley (Assad’s Leni Riefenstahl) & Eva Bartlett (Assad’s Ann Coulter) fail the fact checkers

How can we ever again believe a word Vanessa Beeley, Assad’s Leni Riefenstahl, & Eva Bartlett, Assad’s Ann Coulter, say now that Fares Shehabi, the Assad guy in Aleppo, & both of them report there never were White Helmet rescue workers in east Aleppo?

Their mockeries of children are falling apart with media fact checkers & all their fact-finding investigations & videos about the White Helmets are down the drain by their own admissions. Isn’t that a sorry state of affairs for Assad’s two most popular propagandists? And wouldn’t we be lying if we said we weren’t exuberant at their disgrace!?

You can pile up mountains of likes & shares on social media because ignorance & social hatreds are widespread, in fact encouraged by Assadists. But social media is also the venue where lies are most ruthlessly exposed. You don’t get to shill for dictatorship, support massive bombing of civilians, vilify & ridicule war-traumatized children without expecting forceful excoriations & condemnations.

It isn’t personal. Neither Beeley nor Bartlett are of consequence. People who sing for their supper are a dime a dozen. It’s a historic political battle for the soul & integrity of the antiwar, Palestinian solidarity, & socialist movements–all of which have been debased by the influence of Muslim-hating, libertarian anti-Semitism, & war-mongering.