US and UK governments cover for sexual predators of children

We are accustomed to reading of scandals involving sex abuse & pedophilia among the British elite, including politicians & the moochocracy–most notoriously Betty Windsor’s kid, Andrew. We are also accustomed to police investigations of the elite pedophile rings going nowhere even though accusations include murder of children used as sex slaves.

The US ruling elite has been more effective in covering up such crimes. Most politicians here are ridiculed (in the wink-wink way) for getting caught with prostitutes, not children. A recent federal lawsuit in Florida against the US government may change that–though the outcome of a coverup will be the same. Four women allege the US government violated the rights of crime victims when it made a plea deal in 2008 with billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, accused of sexually abusing minors & providing them to powerful figures. The charges were criminally serious but as a result of the plea deal Epstein only spent 13 months in jail.

Andrew Windsor & rabid Zionist Alan Dershowitz are exposed in the Florida suit for having sex with minors provided by Epstein. Bill Clinton & Kevin Spacey have been cited in other lawsuits involving Epstein. None of those creeps face criminal charges in the suits.
As ugly as this stuff is, the protection of children demands we pay attention because the courts & cops will no more address justice than the British courts or Scotland Yard. The women’s movement of the 1970s was the first to put the spotlight on sexual crimes against children & skewer the “Oedipal conflict” promoted by Freudians as a dismissal of claims by men & women of childhood sexual assault.

The protection of children from sexual predation is the responsibility of all & the exposure of these crimes, as hard as they are to face, must be demanded. It’s not sufficient that the perpetrators rot in hell; they need face justice & shame in a court of law.

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