Trump floats idea of mobilizing National Guard against immigrants

The Associated Press reports they have obtained a draft memo from the Trump administration proposing to mobilize up to 100,000 National Guard troops to round up undocumented immigrants. Apparently one of the snags is getting approval from several governors to mobilize troops since National Guard troops are under dual control by states & the federal government.

This militarization of immigration enforcement would necessarily usurp the Bill of Rights & create a jackboot political environment. There need to be massive, international protests against this monstrous proposal if it is acted on.

Let it be said that those who continue to defend Trump against the nonsense of a “soft coup” by the “establishment” or the “deep state,” are choosing to side with the most reactionary & racist political forces in the world. It would be a good time for them to investigate the origins of the term “national socialism” because that’s where they’re headed.