There is no blacklist of Rania Khalek; just revulsion at her Assadist bile

Several well-known Assad supporters have accused the Palestinian solidarity movement of blacklisting Rania Khalek. There is no such blacklist & there would be no way of enforcing it if there were. There’s only revulsion at her Muslim-hating, Assadist bile impugning Syrians trying to oust a dictator as head-chopping terrorists. Choosing not to associate with that malignance is a democratic right called freedom of association. It’s the way politics work.

What happens to the Syrian revolution is integral to Palestinian liberation & we don’t have to be collegial in our debates with such propagandists who lie & malign & try to destroy solidarity with Syrians against terrorist groups & bombers–any more than we would be collegial with David Duke or David Icke or any other supremacist. These are life & death questions for millions of human beings.

One fellow who supports Khalek & is apparently just as clueless said this dispute about Syria is a “big distraction” for Palestinian solidarity. You read such comments & you want to weep that such is the state of antiwar solidarity.