The women’s marches can have any political content we give them

There’s a lot of cogent criticism about the politics behind the women’s marches on Saturday that will be held all across the country. If you read the unity principles & check out the signers it’s obvious that conservative Bernie Sanders & Democratic Party forces are behind it; there are sure no wide-eyed radicals.

There are no demands proposed for the march; the unity principles are an expression of sentiments. The glaring omission in the call is that there isn’t a single mention of US wars. That’s a whopper of an “oversight.” But predictable in a Democratic Party event.

The political intentions of the organizers aren’t really of the moment. With possibly tens of thousands of women marching in the US, we can give those protests any political content we want & carry placards & banners that make political demands, including most importantly “No to US wars.”

As an aside, it should be noted what Democratic Party forces are capable of mobilizing if they want to–which they almost never do. There are those whose politics rotate around hating on the “Dem-libs,” as they call them, who will refuse to march so they aren’t unwilling pawns of Hillary Clinton. Get over the sectarian crap.There are bigger fish to fry than paranoia. Make some demands, put them on a placard, & find the march nearest to you.