The story of Rasel by Gmb Akash

Rasel (by Gmb Akash) Sept 15 2016

On those days when the suffering of humanity feels overwhelming & it seems a pipe dream we will ever marshal the political energy & forces required for social transformation, we need to remember just two things: We only need play our part, & it needn’t be a large part, in building human solidarity & ending war. Then we need remember why & the answer always is for children.

Gmb Akash is an extraordinary Bangladeshi photographer whose photos of the human face, especially children, capture why we care. This is his photo & the story of Rasel:

“My name is Rasel & I do not know who gave me this name. I am an orphan. I am living in street for four years. When I arrived in Dhaka I was injured & hungry, but no one cared about street people. I cried so many days because I wanted someone to care for me or talk to me with a smile. But people have no time for love. So, I started loving everyone. I share my food & take care of my street friends. Meet with my new friend, Kutum. it means guest, & she is my guest. I cured her injury with my love & now taking care of her. I will look after her, as long as she will not leave me. But I will never leave Kutum. I know how it feels to be alone & being unloved.”