The sordid politics of Assadists: misogyny, racism, contempt for the disabled

Assad supporters are incensed the NY Times published an article by Syrian revolutionist & citizen journalist Lina Shamy titled “I Went to Aleppo to Study. I Left in a Convoy of Refugees.”

Leith Abou Fadel, the founder & CEO of Al-Masdar News, posted this pitiful objection yesterday: “She’s not even from east Aleppo……there are no universities in east Aleppo……dafuq were you doing in east Aleppo?”

If you rely on news from Al-Masdar News, you might want to carefully vet it since in the article & in the title, Shamy clearly says she is from Idlib & moved to Aleppo to study at the university in western Aleppo. So Fadel probably never bothered to read the article before he set out to discredit it.

The worthless objection by Fadel has been liked & shared many times by Assadists who fetishize their paranoia about fake news but didn’t have the elementary integrity to read the article before they mocked it.

When you read their comments, you can see that those who identify as progressives & socialists but also identify with Assadism are taking a divergent political path leading toward a politics of Muslim-hating, anti-Semitism, misogyny, racism, & contempt for those with learning disabilities. That’s a well-worn path from which there is no return. And may we say, good riddance to them.

These are comments from the wall of Fadel & Beeley, which not a single person raised objection to:

–“Maybe she’s talking about how she went to east aleppo to study & practice about “how to be a jihadi sex toy”!!!”

–“She studied head chopping & prostitution”

–“I didn’t know there’s a school for sex jihadi”

–“She’s the new MOSSAD agent playing character for the jue-wish shekel war fund”

–“She was probably there to give bilal abdul kareem a blowjob”

–“She majored in How to blow a salafi 101.”

She was also called a whore, terrorist bitch, & harlot bastard. One attempted to demean her as “retarded.”