The so-called creativity of capitalism


Re-posting this from one year ago–perhaps because I can never get over allowing human beings, including small children, to be the waste management system for modern societies. It shows the inefficiencies of capitalism at the same time as it shows disdain & contempt for human life.

Mary Scully's photo.


Capitalism is just an inexhaustible source of creativity. It puts feudalism to shame on that score. Here, for example, in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. Under neoliberalism, the barbaric phase of capitalism, waste management is considered an unaffordable luxury for cities. So they transport tons of it to countries they’re trying to re-colonize to provide work for the legions of unemployed who earn a few bucks a day scavenging through animal poop, dirty diapers, rotting food, swill, to find plastic & other recyclables. Now isn’t that creative!? Such barbarism could only have been thought of under capitalism.

(Photo by Giles Clarke)