The smoking gun in the Ferguson grand jury verdict

Who would imagine the US media would be a source of truth on the grand jury verdict allowing the killer cop to walk? Perhaps a section of the ruling elite has the perspicacity & survival instincts to recognize what a colossally stupid political mistake that was–generating outrage & resistance around this country & elsewhere. But reporter Lawrence O’Donnell on MSNBC reported the Assistant Prosecutor intentionally misled the grand jury by using a 1979 Missouri law declared unconstitutional by the US Supreme Court about the use of deadly force against a fleeing suspect.

It seems there must be some way to legally challenge the grand jury decision on the basis of prosecutorial misconduct. There should be some way to throw their sorry asses in jail. And there must be some way for us to exert pressure on the powers-that-be to force a reversal of this decision.

Does anyone have any ideas? Please listen to this brief description of the mockery of justice & think about what we might do:

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