The redoubtable Anabel Hernández

Anabel Hernandez

The remarkably courageous Mexican investigative reporter Anabel Hernández has covered drug trafficking in Mexico for many years, exposing the inextricable connections of the Mexican & US governments to the drug trade. She is the author of innumerable articles, including for Proceso (the Mexican investigative journal that recently-murdered Ruben Espinosa worked for) & of the book, “Narcoland: The Mexican Drug Lords & their Godfathers.” She has also written about slave labor, sexual exploitation, & political corruption in Mexico. For her exposes, her life has been threatened so many times that she requires 24/7 bodyguards.

In media interviews now she claims she has documents proving the Mexican government was directly implicated in the “escape” from prison of drug lord “El Chapo” Guzman. That comes as no surprise. The surprise would be if they weren’t involved. Her expose makes crystal clear that drug trafficking–a multi-trillion dollar international trade–is organized at the highest levels of government & finance capital. The struggle against mass addiction is a struggle against neoliberalism, the barbaric phase of capitalism.

(Photo is Anabel Hernández)

For those interested in one of her recent interviews on the El Chapo escape:…/Anabel-Hernandez-Talks-About-the…

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