The racism of artist Hiroyuki Hamada, ardent defender of Assad, Duterte, Trump

Hiroyuki Hamada is an artist of some success, an ardent Assadist & admirer of Duterte for talking hard-ass to Obama. The death squads don’t bother him. My falling out with him came when he posted a vile misogynist caricature of Hillary Clinton which he defended as feminist critique & mansplained to me at exhaustive length.

Some people call it trolling to follow social media posts of those you disagree with. You don’t stalk but you’d be foolish not to follow what they say. Some also think it censorious to dump Assad supporters. But supporting Assad isn’t like a dispute over toothpaste brands. It involves all the most important issues of war, racism. & revolution against dictatorship & barbarism.

This is what Hamada reposted from another of his friend’s wall about the United airplane incident:

“The 3 big Blacks who manhandled the poor 69 year old Chinese doctor from Louisville, Kentucky were Chicago police officers…summoned by the Black manager of UAL to forcibly remove the fully-paid ticketed doctor with a confirmed seat.

The doctor had to be back in Louisville, Kentucky because he has patients scheduled to see on Monday morning.

He said so but was nonetheless manhandled and brutalized.

This is Chicago, the homicide capital of the U.S. exceeding Oakland…where the high-school drop-out rates in it’s public high schools exceed over 60%…mostly Blacks, and Latinos.
America has no standing to lecture Filipinos about human rights.”

With that outrageous racism against Blacks & Latinos, I rest my case for putting 6-degrees or more of separation between oneself & supporters of Assad, Duterte, & Trump.