The purpose of the electronic ban is to normalize harassment, discrimination, & persecution of Muslims

The most fatuous thing about the US ban on passengers from 8 Middle East countries carrying electronics into the cabin is how small-minded it is. All devices larger than a cell phone have to be checked. The TSA directive said it was because of the terrorism threat but if you rig your damn cell phone to blow up the plane it could just as well do it from the luggage area.

All the ban will do is ruin the in-flight experience of expensive booze, stale peanuts, second-rate movies, & stinking air. But wait. No American carriers are impacted by the ban so it may not go worse than boredom.

The directive is trying to institute a Muslim ban administratively, piecemeal & on the sly, just as they are gnawing away at Medicare, because there is such political resistance to the Muslim ban.

The sole purpose of the ban is to normalize harassment, discrimination & persecution of Muslims & there is nothing fatuous about that. It is extremely alarming that Muslim-hating is now instituted as a central feature in international politics. If ISIS didn’t exist, US-NATO & other countries like India, China, Russia, & Myanmar would have to invent it, so invaluable is its ideological function in war-mongering, colonialism, occupation, & genocide.

Those who don’t get that & blither on instead about Russophobia are trying to mask hatred of Muslims behind a shabby veneer & take fatuous to the level of derangement. Now they flirt with & skirt the edges of fascism. temporizing till they go full monty. It’s just a matter of time. Unless we mobilize & scare them back under their rocks.

The 8 countries included in the electronics ban are Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, the UAE, Qatar. Kuwait.

The 6 countries included in Trump’s Muslim ban are Syria, Libya, Sudan, Iran, Yemen, Somalia.