The political weakness of opposition to Assad: they don’t understand the counterrevolutionary role of the U.S. in Syria

Injured girl in E. Ghouta (the Telegraph) Feb 21 2018

One of the reasons for the weakness in organizing defense of the Syrian revolution against Assad’s dictatorship & against the bombing & artillery assaults on civilians is that so many of the leading anti-Assad writers are elitist & deeply conservative, do not understand the counterrevolutionary role of the US military in Syria, foster delusions about US militarism by calling on it for a humanitarian intervention against Assad, & hand Assadists a weapon to support their US regime change scenario. Such credulity at this time in history amounts to war mongering, if not criminality. One wishes they would at least play straight instead of talking in evasions like “forcibly stopping” Syria & Russia & couching it in humanitarian terms.

There is no end run around principles. Demand Syria, Russia, & the US coalition stop the bombing of civilians & demand the immediate, unconditional withdrawal of all foreign military forces, including covert & mercenaries, from Syria. Confronted by a massive revolution, Assad will be brought down.

(Photo of injured girl from Eastern Ghouta on February 21st from Telegraph)