The political torpor of the misanthropes who object to protesting the Muslim ban

The misanthrope’s mantra has become: “There’s something wrong with people who protest Trump’s ban on Muslims but didn’t object to Obama’s wars.”

That’s the problem with cynicism & misanthropy. It doesn’t require information. It can construct a straw man & burn it in effigy & work itself into a white heat of condemnations without a shred of evidence for hating on other human beings.

If the accusers had been involved in the antiwar movement during Obama’s term, they would know that polls repeatedly showed opposition to US wars was at an all time high; that Obama’s approval rates were at an all-time low over his continuation of wars & starting of new ones; that the Pentagon adopted a tactic of pretending to withdraw or draw down both in Iraq & Afghanistan precisely to diminish opposition to the wars, that it keeps most US troop deployments secret; & this all likely explains why there is almost no media coverage of any US wars.

Of course, one would have to read mainstream media to find all that out. Or one could have learned it at an antiwar organizing meeting. Get the drift? Those so ardent in hating should have been more ardent in organizing all that positive antiwar energy.