The political derangement of Assad & Russian supporters

Syrian politics may be difficult to unravel but there are discordancies in the writings & postings of Assad & Russian supporters that stand out like a sore thumb & reek of political derangement:

–defending Syrian & Russian use of barrel bombs by saying they aren’t a worse way to die than regular munitions.

–being outraged by the killing of Syrian Army soldiers but indifferent to Syrian & Russian bombing of cities & civilians & referring to them all as “jihadists.”

–claiming baby Omran, rescued from a building bombed by Russia, was a fraud.

–writing elaborate exposes of rescue workers but refusing to denounce Syrian & Russian bombing of civilians.

–referring to all Assad opponents as “jihadists” in the language of Muslim-hating propaganda.

–admiration for Duterte, despite his vigilante violence against the poor, because he “stands up” (i.e., talks trash) to the US.

–ignoring the human rights & war crimes of Putin & having some weird kind of hero worship of him.

–sending florid birthday wishes to Assad & expressing love for Asma Assad.

In my political experience, the only other place I’ve seen this kind of crap is in the adulations of Stalin & Mao or in the servility of nationalists.