The phony crocodile tears of Justin Trudeau

Weeping Justin Trudeau Mar 19 2018

What the world does not need is another photo of Justin Trudeau crying like a baby about Syrian refugees. It wasn’t that long ago that Canadian war planes were dropping bombs in Syria. It is not entirely certain if they still have ground troops there or are providing military aid in another form to the US coalition as they did in Iraq & Afghanistan. What we do know is that Canada, under Trudeau, sold weapons to Saudi Arabia whilst it is bombing Yemen to smithereens; that Canada has warships deployed to the Aegean Sea to prevent refugees from crossing into Europe from Turkey; that he didn’t lift a finger or impose sanctions against Burma to help the Rohingya people against genocide. So he can stuff those crocodile tears where the sun don’t shine.

One FB site declared Trudeau “the pride of the world, a great hero of the time.” That’s called bootlicking a war criminal. He’s no hero to the people of Syria, Iraq, Yemen, or to principled antiwar, refugee rights, or human rights activists anywhere in the world.

(Photo is screen shot of weeping Justin.)