The morph from antiwar activist to Assadist is heartbreaking & shameful: the antiwar movement has to be rebuilt

Khan Sheikhoun ( (Edlib Media Center, via AP) Apr 5 2017

It’s one thing when Syrian Girl writes that a “Soros-linked group is behind the chemical attack in Syria & that it has all the hallmarks of a false flag” or when retired FBI agent-turned-antiwar-leader Coleen Rowley says there’s zero chance Assad gassed civilians. It’s a pity so many women have become apologists for Assad’s crimes, both as paid propagandists & unpaid flunkies.

It’s quite another thing when longtime antiwar organizers post that kind of crap along with Global Research articles & rubbish from Bartlett & Beeley to prove the gassing attack never happened or was done by evil fairies from outer space. That’s heartbreaking. But we’ll get over it because the antiwar movement must be rebuilt.

Political degeneration is heartbreaking to witness but not close to the horror of what Assad has done in gassing civilians. The international antiwar movement has to be rebuilt on a principled program of no US, Russian, or other foreign military intervention in Syria & Iraq. No Syrian, Russian, or US bombing of civilians.

If you can’t find a rally in your town to protest the gassing of Khan Sheikhoun, consider calling one or make a placard & hit the streets alone. The movement must be rebuilt without those who turn a blind eye to the bombing of civilians.

(Photo by Edlib Media Center, via AP)