The human toll of Duterte’s vigilante war against the poor

Ginnalyn Soriano weeps of older brother Julius (Ezra Acayan) Mar 28 2018

This incredibly powerful photo is of Ginnalyn Soriano weeping over the body of her older brother Julius who was executed by a vigilante death squad as part of Duterte’s war on the poor. Many consider such wrenching photographs an invasion of privacy. We all prefer photos of flowers & puppies. But in the barbaric phase of capitalism, it is necessary to face the realities of human suffering imposed by inequality, war, occupation, genocide. Ginnalyn & Julius are one of ours. We need to know exactly what is happening to them in order to take our place next to them in solidarity. May Julius Rest In Peace.

The photo won the 2017 Istanbul Photo Award for young photographer.

(Photo by Ezra Acayan)