The hateful Islamophobic politics of Tulsi Gabbard

It’s curious why Tulsi Gabbard, the Democratic congresswoman from Hawaii, confuses so many people. She has wretched extreme right-wing politics & publicly supports Assad & Russian militarism in Syria. She has public associations with the military dictator General Sisi in Egypt & Narendra Modi in India. She is also currently jockeying for a post in the Trump regime.

Her attraction to Modi is likely based on their shared rabidity toward Muslims, their racism, & nationalism. He is after all the orchestrator of the 2002 genocide of Muslims in Gujarat state, India & is conducting the murderous siege in predominantly Muslim Kashmir.

The fact that she endorsed Bernie Sanders & is grandstanding now in North Dakota with other veterans to oppose the Dakota Access Pipeline appears to confuse some. This does not reflect her fundamental commitments since she is a shameless opportunist. Social hatred is the bedrock of her political platform.

If you don’t learn anything else on social media it should be to do some vetting before you hold people up as models. Unless you agree with her kind of crap.