The follies of mansplaining sexual assault

It’s hard to understand the angst many men are expressing about the tsunami of men charged with sexual assault. If you don’t engage in such aggression against women or children, why the nervous twitching in sympathy with perverts? The litany of political objections the twitchers (& sometimes perpetrators) use to impugn women accusers are all about false accusations, due process–that day in court thing. Very compelling. But not so much when you know that sexual assault laws are so weak in most countries & so stacked against women that out of the 60 women who accused Bill Cosby, only one met the legal standards for prosecution. When I sued a corporation for sexual harassment in the 1980s, there were no laws in place to protect women. There still aren’t. Sexual assault still doesn’t meet the standards of criminality.

Let me suggest that the twitchers not resort to mansplaining sexual assault when their day in court stuff falls on deaf ears. Stop when you’re ahead & maybe even try listening to women, many of whom were children when they were assaulted. Do keep in mind that a large number of those assaulted are little kids, including boys.

Mansplaining sexual assault leads you down a road you don’t want to go if you want to keep your dignity & not face the ‘slings & arrows’ of contempt. It’s led men to making statements that make them look more like whipped puppies or psycho-perverts than ‘manly men’ they claim to be. For heaven’s sake, hold on to your dignity. It’s all you’ll have when women get a load of how pathetic you are. How hot do you think you’ll look when you say “I wonder if all these angry, vengeful women are going to turn more men gay”? Or if you say “Because I grew up with the explosion of feminism, I have always been made to feel ashamed of being male”? Or if you say “All this anger from women is not going to help anything. It will only further divide the sexes & make sexual violence more probable”? Or if in desperation you go all evo-psycho & claim men are hardwired to rape? Or if you claim that Weinstein & the other accused are being scapegoated for not deferring to women all the time?

The last word of advice is don’t play stupid. You don’t have to be female or feminist to understand what kind of behavior toward women & children is “inappropriate”, degrading, & violent. You only have to be a decent human being & you can demonstrate that by standing with women against sexual harassment & assault rather than twitching in sympathy with criminal perverts.