The faces of east Aleppo are children, not “jihadists”

Syrian boy (from Genocide in Syria website) Nov 20 2016

Looking at my Facebook wall for the past long while is like a house of horrors. That’s the world we live in–actually not even the half of the sorrows–& the one we’re called upon to change because all of our children deserve a life filled with love & joy.

We don’t have the option to go sour on the human race. That’s the easy way out. We don’t have the right to pull back from solidarity with those struggling against tyranny because the odds against them seem insuperable. We don’t abandon them but learn from them how to stand our ground.

We have to combine our anger at injustice with creativity & forge ways to work together for one purpose: to make the world suitable for children to live & love in.

This little guy is from east Aleppo. He’s not a “head chopping jihadist” but one of ours.

(Photo from Genocide in Syria)