The evil of banality in U.S. electoral politics

We need to replace that nonsense about the “banality of evil” (which has no application anywhere in politics or social life) with the evil of banality which is the hallmark of US electoral politics. The only relief in tedium is rendered by leftists forming a salvation army behind Bernie Sanders so they can ‘organize a political revolution against the billionaire class.’

So they parse itsy-bitsy irrelevant distinctions–like Clinton uttered “Black lives matter,” Sanders had a hard time getting those three words out of his mouth, & Martin O’Malley uttered them with equivocation. There’s no fetish or talisman attached to those words. They’re a political battle cry to the emerging civil rights movement, not something politicians can toy with for electoral expedience.

Radicals who support Democrats, even the coy types like Sanders, parse irrelevancies as a substitute for political analysis. It’s more a comedy schtick than politics. If you want to vote Democrat, go for it. Don’t cover your ass with left rhetoric. That just renders you pathetic.

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