The detestable Rania Khalek claims 400,000 civilians being bombed in Eastern Ghouta are terrorists

Rania Khalek

The execrable, marble-mouthed Rania Khalek once accused the Syrian army of poisoning her when she was embedded up their ass to witness the devastation of east Aleppo. Now she has produced a video for RT affiliate In the NOW justifying Syrian & Russian carpet bombing & denouncing the 400,000 civilians of Eastern Ghouta as terrorists. She is a corrupt, know-nothing hack who will say anything to further her career. When you build your career on groveling, kissing ass & sucking up to state power, you will find good jobs. But when you sell your worthless soul for personal gain, especially to support war & fascism, you will be seen by the best of humanity for what you are. Justice does not forgive the scoundrel.

(Photo is marble-mouth Khalek. Video can be found on FB wall of In the NOW. I would require an exorcist if I posted it here.)